About Me

I am an Italo-French visual artist graduated in decoration at the Academy of Fine arts of Brera, Milan. I’ve lived in many countries and experienced many cultures. Now I’m currently based in Lisbon living on my sailing boat that brought me many adventures: learning five languages, encountering different people and realities, a lot of music and books and most importantly, inspiration, that I portray in my art. I find pleasure in works of quality and I’m a curious learner, that is why I have a broad skill-set.

Currently I’m a full-time illustrator working on different projects ranging from flyers, promotion posters, infographic, logos, short comic stories, textile pattern design, commissioned portraits and personalized maps. My visual language is colorful, uprising, energetic, reflective and poetic built on intertwined visual symbols that tell a story to the attentive viewer.

Open for collaborations, contact me to bring your artistic project to life.

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